162 Km, Total Ascent: +5.000 m., Artotina – Lamia (21.8.2021)

DESCRIPTION OF THE 162 km / 100 miles RACE
  • Distance: 100 miles (162 km.)
  • Total Ascent: +5.000 m.

A wonderful route with forests, mountain massifs (Vardoussia, Gkiona, Oeta, Kallidromon), and Mornos lake, which will fascinate runners!

The race begins at the historical monastery of St John the Baptist, where Athanasios Diakos, the hero of the 1821 Greek War of Independence, became a monk. At 2 PM, the athletes will start climbing for 4.5 km, until they reach the historical village of Artotina, at 1.120 m. elevation. Continuing uphill, they will reach the 13th km mark, at 1.490 m elevation. The views of the fir forests of Mount Vardoussia make the ascent worthwhile!

Then, the runners will descend to the village of Pentagiou (24.5 km/910 m elevation) and, after a short climb at 1.100 m. elevation, they will continue downhill. In the village of Kokkinos (38 km/840 m elevation), there will be a main check point, where a meal and a drop bag will be provided to the runners. The time limit is 4 hours and 45 minutes.

From there, the descent continues until the athletes reach Mornos lake. The trail runs parallel to the lake’s west bank, on asphalt. Runners will cross the Mornos Dam and will continue east, following a semicircular route with mild slopes. After completing the round of the lake, they will reach the historical village of Lidoriki. Lidoriki is another main check point (70 km/530 m elevation), where the athletes will be provided with all the comforts, as well as a meal. The time limit is 10 hours and 30 minutes.

From that point on, the route follows a northern direction, between mountains Gkiona and Vardoussia. For a little while, the runners will continue the race having Mornos lake on their left and a fantastic view of the mountain ridges. Going uphill, they will race past the biggest mountain face in the Balkans, Plaka of Sikia (Mt Gkiona – 1.100 m elevation). 

Past the village Stromi (98 km/800 m elevation – time limit: 15hrs 15mins), the slope becomes steeper. Running a distance of 6 km, the athletes will reach the Vrizes point (shelter of Oeta, 1.250 m elevation), which is a col between mounts Oeta and Gkiona. The Pavliani check point (111.5 km) is only 6.5 km away, following a downhill route.

Fir forests are soon succeeded by the oak forests of mounts Oeta and Kallidromon. After the Skamnos village (time limit: 20hrs 30mins), the view of the valley of Sperchios river and of the Malian Gulf is breathtaking. The runners will descend to the village of Heraklia (144 km/30 m elevation), which is the final main check point of the race. The time limit is 23 hours and 30 minutes. 

From that point on, the trail becomes flat and leads to the location where the Battle of Alamana took place, very close to Thermopylae. The memorial of Athanasios Diakos is found there (150 km). The special energy that this place emits will give runners the strength to continue for another 12 km, until they finally reach the town of Lamia. The finishing line is the Athanasios Diakos Cenotaph (pedestrian area Kalyva-Bakoyianni).


Friday, August 20, 2021

15:00   Bus departure from Athens to Artotina (Dorida)

18:00   Distribution of participation kits from the Secretariat (Artotina square) 

20:00   Bus arrival in Artotina 

20:30   Briefing of the runners by Loukas Pratilas

21:00   Pasta party begins

22:00   End of participation kits distribution

Saturday, August 21, 2021

06:00   Bus departure from Athens to Artotina (Dorida)
09:30 Distribution of participation kits from the Secretariat (Artotina square)
10:00 Guided tour of the village
11:00   Bus arrival in Artotina
11:00   Meal
12:00   End of participation kits distribution
13:00   Runners’ transportation to starting point 
14:00   Race start (Monastery of St John the Forerunner)