50 Km, Total Ascent: + 900 m., Gravia – Lamia (22.8.2022)

  • Distance: 50 km – Short route of great historical significance!
  • Total Ascent: +900m.

This is a delightful route for those runners who want to challenge themselves with racing a distance longer than a marathon. 

The race starts at the historical village of Gravia, on Sunday at 8 AM. The first village the runners will come upon is Kastellia(3.5 km). Then, a gradual climb leads to the village of Apostolias (6.5 km) and, from there, the route continues downhill, until the 8.5 km mark. 

The runners will then climb, following a trail through a beautiful oak forest, until they reach the 10.5 km mark, at 585 m elevation. There, they will meet the Long Route trail, which they will follow all the way to Skamnos village (15 km/550 m elevation). Time limit is 2 hours.

Leaving Skamnos, the runners will enjoy the magical view of the valley of Sperchios river and of the Malian Gulf. Then, they will descend to the Heraklia check point (30.5 km/30 m elevation – time limit: 4hrs 20mins).

From there, the route becomes flat, leading to the location where the Battle of Alamana took place, where the memorial of Athanasios Diakos is found (36.5 km). The location is very close to Thermopylae. The race continues for another 13 kilometres, until the athletes reach the centre of Lamia. The finishing line is the Athanasios Diakos Cenotaph (pedestrian area Kalyva-Bakoyianni).