Antheli is located in Lamia’s Plain, west of the estuary of Sperchios river, which empties into the Malian Gulf.

Ancient Anthela was the origin of Greek political history. It was where the Great Amphictyonic League was founded, first for the protection and administration of the temple of Demeter of Anthela, and later for the support of the temple of Apollo in Delphi. The Amphictyonic League decided on the erection of temples, supervised the treasury, and conducted the “Pythian Games”; it also exercised a political influence, guarding the pass to Thermopylae, managing relationships between its members, while respecting their laws and customs, and imposing sanctions on those who broke their membership oath – even proclaiming a sacred war against them. Archaeological remnants of the temple of Demeter still exist in the area. 

The Sperchios river delta creates a wetland of great ecological value and it is a Natura 2000 site. For the most part, however, the delta area is cropland (mainly rice fields).