Antonis Kontosopoulos

Antonis Kontosopoulos or Gerantonos became a Klepht from an early age. He had already been a member of Filiki Eteria and the chieftain of Talantio (or Atalanti) before the beginning of the Greek Revolution. He was assigned in this position by his first cousin Athanasios Diakos. A few days after the Revolution broke out (March 29th), he forcefully invaded Atalanti and liberated its population, after having been notified by Diakos. 

He participated in the battles of Alamana, Ypati, Vassilika and Ambliani (1824). From 1826 and forth, he operated under G. Karaiskakis’ commands, with whom he joined forces in the battle of Domvraina and the key battle of Arachova. He also fought at the battle of Faliro and the next year (1827) he took over Acrocorinth fortress. Kontosopoulos never ceased to selflessly fight with resilience, until the end of the Revolution and the Liberation of Greeks. 

Source: Association of Artotina “Athanasios Diakos”,