General Information

Artotina is a historical, picturesque village, situated on the northwestern part of Dorida municipality, in Phocis. It is built on a slope at the foothills of mount Vardoussia, at a height of 1.100-1.350 m. above sea level.

The earliest historical records about the region are found in the texts of Strabo, Pausanias, and Thucydides. 

Nature has been generous to this dreamy alpine landscape, endowing it with numerous springs, streams, and rivers, while the wild beauty and the lush vegetation of the area are sure to satisfy even the most demanding visitor. A number of different paths and trails make the area ideal for strolls and hiking for people of all ages. Also, dirt trails through the forest will absolutely fascinate motor activities enthusiasts (4×4, mountain motorbike riding, MTB). 

The jagged mountain ridges and the steep, hard-to-access faces of the northwestern side of mount Vardoussia have attracted many climbers and mountaineers. One of them was Sir Edmund Percival Hillary, the first climber confirmed to have reached the summit of mount Everest.


It is worth paying a visit to the manor house of commander Andritsos Safakas, which was built in 1810 and renovated in 1978, and today it houses the Historical and Folklore Museum of Artotina. Near the museum, there is the church of Virgin Mary, which was built during Ottoman occupation. In the churchyard, there is the Safakas family grave. Artotina has several small churches to visit, such as churches of St Constantine, St Athanasios, St Spyridon, St Paraskevi, St Mark (“Yiorakis”), and St Marina, among others.

Finally, 4 km northwest of the village, there is the idyllically located monastery of St John the Forerunner. It is the monastery where Athanasios Diakos became a monk, before becoming a klepht. The monastery’s building complex comprises the katholikon, which took its present form in 1807, the cell of Athanasios Diakos, which is preserved in its original form, and two newer buildings.

Eating & Stay

Visitors can stay at our village’s stone-built hotel (tel. 6972-928185 – Vasilios Trivilos, 6972-076780 – Ioanna Stamoutsou). In the beautiful square of the village, visitors can enjoy their coffee at the “Vardoussia” traditional coffee shop (tel. 22660 51833 – Areti Mantourlia). Visitors can also taste local dishes at the restaurant “Kostas Trivilos Café-Grill”, where coffee is served too (tel. 22660 51828) and at the restaurant “Nikos Braounos” (tel. 22660 51826 – Kostandia Braounou).