Battles of Mousounitsa and Ambliani

On June 3, 1824, M. Kontogiannis and D. Skaltsas wrote a letter, informing the government that Dervish pasha, with an army of more than 10 thousand men, intended to head to Salona from Lamia, through Gravia. Therefore, the administration had forces of about 2 thousand Roumeli, Morea, and Souli men, led by Skaltsodimos, Panourgias, Chr. Makris, as well as V. and G. Dagklis, G. Drakos, Kitsos Tzavelas, and P. Notaras from Souli, assemble at the Ambliani area. 

On June 7, Skaltsas and Safakas’ corps managed to counteract an enemy attempt at mount Oeta’s passes to Lidoriki. In a fierce struggle near Mousounitsa, Ottoman forces retreated, having suffered heavy losses (30 men dead and much spoil). 

On July 14, Ottoman forces of 11.500 men and two cannons conducted their main attack against the fortified in Ambliani Greeks. The severe battle that took place started at noon and continued until late night. Once again, the Ottomans were forced to retreat hastily, chased by the Greeks throughout the night, leaving behind over 500 dead soldiers and much spoil.