Georgios Dyovouniotis

His father was Captain Ioannis, who was succeeded by George in 1814.

At the beginning of the Revolution, he consulted with the other captains and initiated the operations in the provinces of Phthiotis and Locris, being actively involved in all the important battles, especially in Arachova and Petra. He took part in the victorious battle of Vassilika, Phthiotis, in which he excelled and was given the title of General. 

He later followed Karaiskakis, Ypsilantis, Panourgias, Krieziotis, Gkouras, Roukis, Mamouris, Komnas Trakas, and other important chieftains. He was enlisted in the regular army as a chiliarch (chief of the thousands). During king Otto’s reign, he was promoted the rank of the Commander of the National Rank and in the 1st National Assembly (1844) he was elected as a delegate. In 1862, he was elected again as a delegate to the 2nd National assembly. During king George’s reign, he was appointed as honorary king’s adjutant. Apart from being elected as a delegate, he was also elected as a member of the parliament and as a senator in 1851.

He died in Athens on December 9, 1880.

Source: Wikipedia