Giannis Dyovouniotis

As a teenager, Dyovouniotis went to Antrikos Verousis’ armatoliki (administrative district) and became a henchman. In 1770, he fought against Turk-Albanians during the Orlov revolt. He quickly became renowned for his accomplishments and warfare skills. Standing as a figure of deterrence, he was assigned the armatoliki of Mpoustounitsa (Mendenitsa). Later, Ali Pasha of Ioannina was forced to cede the armotoliki of Zitouni and that of Salona to him.

He was inducted in Filiki Eteria and, at the beginning of the Greek Revolution, he raised the flag of the Revolution in Mendenitsa, on April 28, 1821, along with Athanasios Diakos and Panourgias. With the help of Komnas Trakas, he conquered the Mendenitsa castle. 

He was fighting ceaselessly, taking part in all the battles, both within and outside Roumeli’s boundaries, without ever getting involved in political schemes and machinations. His most notable moment was his ingenious plan to intercept the army of Beyran Pasha at Vasiliki position on August 26, 1821. Dyovouniotis, along with the other chieftains of Central Greece, waited for Beyran Pasha army in the Vassilika pass and literally decimated it. 

Source: Wikipedia