Ioannis Farmakis

At the age of sixteen, Ioannis Farmakis became a Klepht and entered the armoured corps of Safakas, to whom he owes his last name, as his family name was Fousekis.

His revolutionary action was rich, as he took part in the key battles of the Greek Revolution in Central Greece, such as the battle of Ypati, in the battle of Gravia Inn, in the battle of Vassilika and in battles in the regions of Nafpaktia and Evritania. In the famous battle of Papadia (1825), his intervention saved Safakas, who had been blocked by the Turks. 

Then Giannis Farmakis fought in the mountainous Dorida, in 1826 in Arachova, and in 1827 in Keratsini. 

The following year (1828) he took part, along with other armed men from Central Greece, in the clearing operations that Kitsos Tzavelas did in Sergoula, Lobotina, Ternova and elsewhere.

Source: Association of Artotina “Athanasios Diakos”,