Ioannis Gouras

A fighter who was distinguished for his strategic skills and bravery. After the Revolution broke out, he recruited around 700 men from the region of Parnassida and, on March 27, they occupied Salona (Amfissa), along with Panourgias and chieftains from Galaxidi. On May 8, he fought along with Odysseas Androutsos at the battle of Gravia Inn. In November 1821, he had an active role in the works of Salona assembly which gave birth to “Legal Order of Eastern Hersos Greece”.

During the civil war, he sided with Kolettis and Kountouriotis and turned against his old comrades. At the behest of the Kountouriotis government as leader of “the camps of Eastern Greece”, he arrested Odysseus Androutsos and took the lead in the events that resulted into his execution. Responsible for the defense of the entire region of Attica, he was killed in 1826, during the siege of the Acropolis by Reşid Mehmed Pasha Kiutahi.