Ioannis Roukis

At the age of fifteen, Ioannis Roukis entered the Klepht body of Panourgias and G. Koskinas. He stayed in this body for three years and then served in the army of Odysseus Androutsos. When Androutsos left for Ioannina, due to the conflict that had broken out between Ali Pasha and the Sultan forces, Roukis came under the command of the other chieftain of Livadia, Diakos. After the declaration of the Revolution, Roukis fought together with Diakos for the liberation of Livadia and Medenitsa.

He took part in the siege of Ypati, where he was severely wounded, as well as in the battles of Vasiliki and Perachora, Loutraki, and in the battles of Vrysakia, Evia, Marathon, Keratsini, Arachova, Fontana and Distomo. The following year (1828), he assisted Kitsos Tzavelas in the Battle of Sergoula and in the clearing operations that followed.

He did not refrain himself from being involved in the so-called “kapakia” (literal meaning in English caps) with the Turks, i.e. the secret agreements of the chieftains of Central Greece with the Turks for a truce, as nationally beneficial strategies, aimed at saving populations from slaughter and looting, with a parallel benefit of gaining precious time.

In March 1829, Roukis fought in the siege of Nafpaktos, Thebes and in the last battle of the War of Independence of ’21, in the Battle of Petra.

Source: Association of Artotina “Athanasios Diakos”,