Kerassia is located on the northwestern part of the former province of Dorida (Phocis regional unit), 52 km from Lidoriki (the seat of the municipality of Dorida) and 95 km from Amfissa. It is situated in the southern slope of a low mountain range west of mount Vardoussia, at the height of approximately 1250 m. above sea level. Its position offers stunning views on the sources of the tributaries of Evinos river (Fidari) and on the mountains of Aetolia-Acarnania, in the distance. The village is surrounded by thick spruce-fir forests and its houses emerge among fruit-bearing trees and green gardens, watered by the “Boukouri” wellspring.

Kerassia’s inhabitants took part in all of the great national wars. 

The amphitheatric hotel, the towering stone church of St George in the square of the village, the Heroes Monument, the numerous picturesque chapels, the various springs, the traditional houses, the healthy climate, and the incredible scenery, comparable to Swiss landscapes, are some of the best features of the village.