Konstantis Kalyvas

One of the heroic offspring of Doris is Konstantis Kalyvas, nephew of Skaltsas, who fought valiantly in all the battles of Central Greece. In Vassilika, as the leader of three hundred Dorians, he faced the first attack of the main wave of the Turkish army and, in the battle of Ambliani, he contributed a great deal to the victory.

He fought in Messolonghi during the second siege, along with 65 men of Skaltsodimos’ corps. He was saved during the heroic exit of the garrison and later fought in the battle of Varnakova where he lost one arm. After Skaltsas’ death, he took over the leadership of the corps and fought with Karaiskakis in Kravara, Arachova and Faliro with 230 soldiers.

Source: www.dorikiadelfotis.gr