Kontogiannis family

The general leader of Kontogiannis family was Giannakis Kontogiannis, Armatolos of Patratziki (Ypati) since 1750, whom Kasomoulis calls “glorious and majestic”. After his death, he was succeeded in the same post by his children Kostantis and Mitsos.

From 1789 and on, the adventures of the Kontogiannis family had begun, when Ali Pasha Yusuf Arapis Derven-Agas (guards of the mountains passes) campaigned with 3,000 Turks against the armatoli of Thessaly and Central Greece. Kontogiannaioi then exhibited strong resistance, but they dispersed and continued fighting as klephts. Finally, in a battle near the bridge of Tatarna, Evritania (early 19th century), Kostantis was killed and his son Nikolakis was captured. Later Nikolakis was bailed out and took part in the Revolution of 1821, as Mitsos Kontogiannis did too.

Source: www.ebooks.edu.gr