Loukas Kaliakoudas

Loukas Kaliakoudas, the pre-revolutionary hero, is mentioned by Anastasis Lidorikis as the general captain of the province of Doris and Kravara, around 1788. He became more widely known with his participation under the commands of famous Klepht Androutsos, father of Odysseas Androutsos, in the sea operations of Lambros Katsonis. After the failure of Lambros Katsonis’ campaign in 1792, fighting alongside Androutsos in the Peloponnese, he returned to the region, reconstructed his armoured corps and continued the fight against the Turkish-Albanians of Ali Pasha. He was killed in Gamvrolimni Naupaktia, after a harsh three-day battle with 1000 Tsochadaraioi (Albanians from Ali Pasha’s guard) from Metsombono in 1804. 

Source: Association of Artotina “Athanasios Diakos”,  www.artotina.com