Nakos Panourgias

Nakos Panourgias was the son of the armatolos Panourgias. He took part in the battles of Vassilika, Ambliani and Vorgianni. On December 1824, under the leadership of Gkouras, he went to Corinth, in order to support the Kountouriotis government in the conflict between them and the Peloponnesian chieftains and Kolokotronis (Greek Civil War 1823 – 1825).

In November 1826, he participated in the battle of Arachova and, in 1829, in the battle of Petra.  From 1826 to 1827, he joined forces with Karaiskakis to operate in Central Greece.

In the Crimean War of 1854, he was head of a small military unit, which invaded the then Turkish-occupied Thessaly, but failed.

During the Kapodistrias government and king Otto’s reign, he assumed senior military posts. 

Source: Wikipedia