Panourgias Panourgias

Originating from a prominent family of klephts, he became a klepht at the age of sixteen and later an armatole. He was inducted in Filiki Eteria from a very early stage and acted under its orders along with the Androutsos, Diakos, Dyovouniotis, etc. 

He fought in Amfissa, in Gravia, and in Vassilika; during the civil war, P. Panourgias sided with the organized military, because he believed that they were capable of holding the reins while the Struggle lasted.

P. Panourgias was a brave, tireless and fervent patriot. He performed a conciliatory role in cases of heated disagreements between different parties; after the end of the Revolution, Panourgias retired to Amfissa, where he died.

Source: Wikipedia