Psilo Chorio

Psilo Chorio is a mountainous village, located, at a height of 1166 m. above sea level, among the tops of mount Vardoussia (Skotini – 1537 m., Tsoupa – 1609 m., St. Nicolas – 1600 m.). It is 116 km from Amfissa, 56 km from Lidoriki, 17 km from Artotina and 23 km from Krokilio. 

The village is surrounded by deep green firs and tall walnut trees, which give the natural scenery its unique beauty. There are at least five fountains around the village and their bubbling springs sustain plant life. If you happen to visit Psilo Chorio, remember to make a stop at the fountains “Megali Vrissi”, “Lakkos”, “Tserdeklovrissi”, “Astrapovrissi” or “Karainovrissi”. 

The church of St John in Psilo Chorio dates from 1852. In the northern part of the village, there is the church of St Nicolas. A walk to the eight chapels, located on the surrounding slopes and mountain tops, from where the stunning landscapes of mountainous Dorida can be admired, would be definitely worthwhile.