Stromi is a mountainous village in the province of Parnassida, in the Phocis regional unit, at a height of 900 m. above sea level. It is built in a deep creek on the northern slopes of mount Giona, on the bank of the Vourlorema torrent, which flows through thick fir forests and ends up in Mornos lake. The village is located north of Lidoriki (29 km) and west of Bralos (31 km). At the entrance of the village, there is a stone one-arch bridge, which links it to the chapel of the Holy Trinity. 

In the broader area, evidence of ancient settlements have been discovered. 

In the fall of 1942, during the German occupation, a group of British saboteurs and the forces of ELAS and EDES (Greek Resistance) spent a month in a small cave, planning the blowing up of the railroad bridge over Gorgopotamos river.