Lying at the foot of mount Giona (5th highest mountain in Greece) is the village Sikia. Located on the western slope of the mountain, at a height of 710 m. above sea level, Sikia took its name from the word “skia” (shadow), because mount Giona sheds its shadow over the village, which is lit by the sun only for a limited time in the day. 

The slope of Plaka is of particular interest in Sikia. With a negative inclination, reaching a height of 1200 m., it is one of the most important climbing areas of Europe, attracting both Greek and foreign climbers. Another characteristic of the area is its numerous caves, which make the village particularly interesting, from a geophysical perspective. In one of those caves, among stalactites and stalagmites, there is a chapel, where a service is conducted on the feast day of Zoodochos Pege (“Arsali”).

The facilities of the village include a 10-room hotel and 2 restaurants-cafés.

The climbing centre outside the village has been given over to Scouts of Greece and it regularly houses scouts from all over the country, as well as climbers who visit the area.

Sikia is an ideal place for alternative tourism, as it has forest trails that are many kilometers long, and magical routes into the wilderness.