Tristeno is a mountainous village and one of the most water-rich in the Phocis regional unit. It is built at a height of 825 m. above sea level, on the slopes of mount Vardoussia. Tristeno is very close to Mornos lake and on its southern part, Kokkinopotamos river flows. 

Apart from thick vegetation, tall trees, running water, old stone houses, and a square with three sycamores also adorn the village. The building of the former elementary school, which was constructed in early 20thcentury by Andrew Syngros, today houses the Cultural Centre of the village, as well as the parish church.

Two small chapels outside the village will give visitors the opportunity to admire the unique view from Tristeno on Mornos lake and on the rough mountain tops of Vardoussia. Equally impressive is the route through spruce-fir forest, with many trails and paths making it a great option for hiking. In the square of Tristeno, there is the only shop of the village, the shop of Alekos and Katerina Karadima. It has a great view and the traditional dishes served will satisfy visitors. Accommodation is offered too, if needed.