Welcome to the Race for Liberty

A new ultramarathon that was missing from the Greek calendar! A “symbolic” 100-mile race on asphalt is held for the first time in Greece. 

The challenging race pays homage to the heroes who fought in 1821! 


Long Route: 162 km, Artotina – Lamia

  • Total Ascent: +5.000 m.
  • Date: 21-22/08/2021
  • Start: Monastery of St John the Forerunner (Artotina)
  • Finish: Athanasios Diakos cenotaph (Lamia)

Short Route: 50 km, Gravia – Lamia

  • Total Ascent: +900m.
  • Date: 22/08/2021
  • Start: Gravia Inn (Gravia)
  • Finish: Athanasios Diakos cenotaph (Lamia)

“Race for Liberty” was inspired by the self-sacrifice of the heroes of 1821. Both routes pass through Roumeli (Central Greece). Participants will have the opportunity to run in the mountains and through villages where important battles took place, and where many of the heroes of the Greek Revolution, such as Athanasios Diakos, Ioannis Makriyannis, Odysseus Androutsos, Dimitrios Panourgias, Isaiah, Bishop of Salona, Ioannis Diovouniotis, Andritsos Safakas, Yannis Roukis, Andonis Kondosopoulos (Gerandonos), and Yannis Gouras, fought and operated. 

The website www.raceforliberty.gr provides all the relevant information about historical data and locations for the in-depth knowledge of a wonderful region of Greece! 

The Long Route (100 miles) is particularly aesthetically pleasing. For its most part, it extends through the fir forests of mounts Vardoussia, Giona, and Oeta (National Park). Near Lidoriki, the runners will circle Mornos lake, racing beside its green waters. Going downhill towards Lamia’s plain, the two race routes meet and the participants will run across the historical location of Alamana, next to Thermopylae, where the Battle of Alamana happened and Athanasios Diakos fell captive. 

A new, unique racing experience in the “heart” of Roumeli! 

Let’s run for liberty together! 

Organisers  [MD1] 

With the support of the State[MD2] , the “Greece 2021” Committee

and the Local Government,

 [MD1]Link στους Φορείς διοργάνωσης